Florida Statutes



Florida Statutes



Florida law requires that all therapeutic applications for hypnotherapy be done under the supervision, direction, and prescription of a member of the healing arts (Chapter 485: Hypnosis). A copy of the Florida law regarding the use and practice of hypnosis is available online through Florida Statutes:


Type in the keyword "hypnosis" and you will find specific links to:


Certification of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners; Fees


Short Title




Legislative Intent


When Practice of Hypnosis Prohibited


Practice of Hypnosis



The health care provider giving supervision for the hypnotherapy portions of these programs was initially Dr. Raymond McKnight, co-founder of the Truman Medical Center located at 540 Truman Avenue, Key West, Florida. He was President of the Monroe County Medical Association when he agreed to supervise these programs. He took a two year sabbatical starting in 2003. He was returned to Truman Medical on a semi-retired basis and can be reached at uufkwnews@yahoo.com.

If you are seeking hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, make an appointment with your health care provider and obtain a prescription for hypnosis to treat your specific issue before initiating any treatment in these or other hypnosis programs.

If you are planning to study hypnosis for professional use with others, be sure to familiarize yourself and comply with the laws governing the use of hypnosis in your State.  There is no national law, organization, or licensing body governing the use of hypnosis in the United States, the laws vary from State to State.

The programs listed on this website do not provide CEUs, they are intended for personal development, life enrichment, life enrichment, and provide training for the volunteers who provide low cost / no cost hypnosis and hypnotherapy services for residents of Key West and the Florida Keys.

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