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You are an air breathing mammal.


All your life you have had a capacity to relax by allowing yourself to breathe fully. Listen to the sound of your breathing.

The in breath has a sound like Soooooooh. The out breath has a sound like Haaaaaaam. Breathing in and out has a sound like Soham.

Breathing out and in has a sound like Hamsah. With every breath in and out you have been muttering to yourself in Sanskrit. Soham translates as "I am it" or "I am that". Hamsah translates as "The Swan of the Soul", "The Great Bird", "The Wild Goose". You are more than just your body.  There are subtle forces that flow through and around your material body. You can become more aware of these forces through becoming aware of your breath. You can gain greater control of your ability to regulate your levels of relaxation or tension by learning to be more aware of the subtle forces within and around your body.

Soham: Sanskrit for "I am it" (Douglas and Slinger, Sexual Secrets, 1979, p. 36)  or "I am that" (Campbell, The Power of Myth).

Hamsa: Sanskrit for "Great Swan" or "Bird of the Soul" (Douglas and Slinger), or  "The Wild Goose" (Campbell, The Power of Myth). 

The processes used in these programs are based on the simplicity of humans being air breathing mammals.  The sounds of breathing ("soham", 'hamsa") are used to start each session.  The primary assumption of this approach is spiritual monism in which all things come from the spirit, in contrast to the material monism which provides the foundational assumption for science, materialism, and many aspects of modern Western culture.  Re-developing awareness and appreciation for the sounds of breathing create a deliberate bridge of relaxation between the hypnosis sessions and daily life.

Relaxation is a natural state.  Reclaim your natural ability to relax and create greater balance in your life!

Spirit: This noun stems from the Latin verb "spirare", to breathe or to blow.  The Latin noun "spiritus" refers to breath, courage, vigor, soul, life, the animating vapor bestowed by the deity, the life principle that gives thought, feeling, motivation, mind, intelligence, as distinguished from the matter of the physical body.  Our programs are not based on body/mind dualism, our programs are framed to view body and mind as part of a large range of human capacity.  Human life transcends the limits imposed by the assumption of materialism.  Human life is more than a sack of skin filled with a biochemical soup and bio-electrical impulses.  Humans have a capacity to transcend the limitations of the physical realm.

According to Joseph Campbell, in Hindu symbolism, the wild goose is symbolic of the ability to master the world of the water, earth, and air.

Join us in Key West.

Reawaken to your natural capacity to relax and enjoy life.

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