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These programs were originally provided quarterly to raise funds and recruit members for the Key West Jaycees, a 501 (c) three non-profit corporation consisting of volunteers. The purpose of the Jaycees is to provide leadership training through service to the community.

The programs offered on this website do not offer CEUs, they are intended for personal development and life enrichment.

Use of these programs, the weekly support groups, and individual sessions with educators or students of these programs for the therapeutic purposes require the referral or prescription of a member of the healing arts in the State of Florida.  The services provided are not intended to replace proper medical, psychological, counseling, or psychiatric care.

These programs are education, not anonymous or confidential.

The Backroom Jam Sessions were open to the general public, as were the Friday evenings of each of the quarterly intensives.

A limited number of apprenticeships / work scholarships are available each year.


  Basic Hypnosis  (HYP100)

  Hypnotherapy  (HYP200)

  Advanced Hypnotherapy  (HYP301 & HYP302)

  Hypnoanalysis  (HYP400)

Blessed are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make those creams come true!
(Author Unknown)

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