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               Photographed by Michele Strub                          
                          Photograph by Michele Strub


The programs referred to on this website were initially a service to the community provided by members of the Key West Jaycees. The program was established in response to the tremendous increase in community stress that occurred after the 2001 9/11 tragedy in New York. Programs were stopped by the 2005 Hurricane Wilma storm surge that flooded the island of Key West and the Jaycee clubhouse. Monica has continued to train at least two apprentices each year to continue to provide low cost / no cost Hypnotherapy for the community.

Facilitators for the Jaycee Programs
Theresa Foley, Monica, Jeannette Ostendorf, Mimi Stafford. Absent: Michelle Taub. 2001-2005 facilitators for the Jaycee Programs.

Links to former students:
Velora Peacock
Mimi Stafford:  305-923-7800
Jeannette Ostendorf:  305-745-2214

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