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Advanced hypnotherapy

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Prerequisite: HYP100 or HYP200 or Instructor Permission

Cost:  $1,000.00 for individuals who become members of the Key West Jaycees and come to Key West for training.

No programs are currently scheduled.

Hypnoanalysis HYP400 ($1000)

This course is required for IMDHA certification, along with a written exam at the end of the second weekend.

The program consists of forty (40) hours of didactic and experiential training in hypnoanalysis. Those who successfully complete it will be familiar with and able to conduct an in depth intake interview, develop a time line of events, utilize word association, dream analysis, forgiveness, identify initial sensitizing events (ISE), symptom producing events (SPE), and symptom intensifying events (SIE). This is an intensive program for normal people seeking to improve some aspect of their lives.  It is not intended for those suffering from mental disturbances or psychiatric disorders.  

The content is based on hypnoanalysis using the William J. Bryan method. The underlying assumption is Christian, and lays out a structured, twelve (12) session format for working with clients. Participants are expected to form dyads, and will remain with the same partner over both weekends as each practices the roles of hypnotist and client. The first weekend will focus on the in depth interview and word association.  Induction for a dream will be done before the first weekend is complete. Participant is expected to bring back a dream for analysis the subsequent weekend, and to prepare a timeline of life events for his/her "client" as a map to help guide the intervention process.

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