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NOTE: Classes are forming for March 2012.

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Basic Hypnosis (HYP100)

Prerequisite: HYP100 or Instructor Permission

Cost:  $695.00 for individuals who become members of the Key West Jaycees and come to Key West for training.

No programs are currently scheduled.  Classes are forming for March 2012.

This program consists of forty (40) hours of didactic and experiential training in hypnosis. Those who successfully complete this program will be familiar with, and able to do, a basic hypnosis session: pretalk, formulating suggestion, trance induction, delivering direct suggestions, emergence, and post talk. There will be ten (10) hours of outside reading and practice, and a take home test to complete, for those seek a certificate of attendance. This course is accepted by the IMDHA as a beginner’s course, and can be applied toward the hours required by the IMDHA certification.

Hypnotherapy (Basic Hypnosis - HYP100, Volume 1)

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