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Hypnotherapy Pre-Work

1.    What are your goals for meeting with me in regards to hypnosis?
       Please list them in order of importance to you.

2.    What problem or problems have held you back from reaching your goals?
       List them in order of importance.

3.    Identify the main problem, the one, which when resolved, will cause you to experience the greatest breakthrough
       toward your goals.  What would that problem be?

4.    How is this problem a problem for you specifically?
       Let me know what the consequences of having had this problem have been for you.

5.    How long have you been experiencing the problem?

6.    What do you think the origins of the problem were?
       Was there a specific event or experience that marked the beginning of the problem?

7.    What major events happened since then to reinforce the problem?
       And what has the relationship between those events and your current situation been?

8.    Are there people, places or things that have made the problem worse?  Tell me about that.

9.    If there are people who have made the problem worse, tell me about your relationship to those people and what
       those people have said or done before, during or after the problem?

10.  Do you think that any major events from your childhood have a relationship to this problem?

11.  I want you to close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and ask your subconscious mind if there is a purpose
       for this problem (don't force the answers, but let the answers bubble to the surface and notice them; this may take
       a minute or two; trust your first impressions)?  If yes, please write down whatever comes to mind.

12.  Meditatively ask your subconscious mind this question—even if you don’t believe it is true: "At the subconscious
       level, when did I choose to create this problem?"  Pause and reflect on the question and write down the first thing
       that bubbles to the surface of your mind.

13.  If we were to see a video recording of the problem in action, what would we see and hear specifically?

14.  What are the deeper difficulties the problem reflects, if any?
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